Minggu, 09 November 2014

Good old days!

love this cool snapback! hy goodnight from indonesia . yesterday i just get this cool snapback from  “GoodOld Days

good old days adalah salah satu local brand from indonesia

and i really proud have "most-have-snapback" from  “GoodOld Days, selain punya snapback-snapback keren kaya ini, they also have some cool t-shirt . kaya yang di pakai sama adeku di bawah ini
my sister have this cool t-shirt! really cool right! haha
by the way , my sister and i really shock and proud can have this cool gift from  “GoodOld Days . "fyi" my instagram is not enough follower for have "endorsment" from  “GoodOld Days . like really happy! really big thanks for your kindness

love you,

xoxo candice & angel